Who is the Brand X® Home Workouts for?

  • Homeschool parents who want a PE program for their kids

  • Young athletes looking for some strength and conditioning outside of their sports training

  • Parents wanting to get their children moving

  • Brand X ® Home Workouts updates monthly on the 15th-with 12 fresh workouts for each age group, kids (5-11*) and preteen/teens (10-17*) PLUS an additional support piece in the form of tips, videos, links, etc


  • Do I as a parent, need to do the exercises/workouts with my child or teen?

    NO. However, you may participate in some or all of the sessions as desired

  • Do I as a parent, need to coach my child?

     NO. We do recommend adult supervision and guidance for younger kids.

  • What if my child is not familiar with these exercises?

    There are over 100 videos that explain and demonstrate the exercises. Depending on the age of your child or teen you can review them together or separately, all at once or just the ones needed prior to each session.

  • Can I start with just Brain Breaks, or movement through the day suggestions?

    Absolutely, go at your own pace! In fact we find that some parents even break up the workout plan to provide movement for their kids throughout the day.

  • Can I download the document for exercise/workout sessions each month?

    Yes, we highly recommend this, as each month is replaced on the 15th with new exercise/workout sessions. By downloading or printing, you can repeat favorites, and create a growing library of bodyweight home based exercise.

  • My child is an athlete, would this program be good for them?

    YES! Strength training for young athletes makes them stronger, faster and more durable for their sport.

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