What is the Brand X® "Plug and Play" Bundle? Relax. We provide everything you need to be successful and reap the benefits of running a sustainable, thriving youth program. All the things you need are here together in one place, with a solid team behind you.

The Brand X® Bundle Includes:

  • Extensive start up package to help you launch your program

  • Brand X® Youth Coaching Education

  • Mentoring with Brand X® with Brand X Staff

  • A social media package

  • Monthly progressive programming for kids 5-11, preteen/teens 12-17

  • Handouts for communication with parents and sports coaches

  • Exclusive Territories Available

  • Monthly webinars with staff (and sometimes special guests!)

  • Easy access to key staff for calls

  • Bundles for Gyms, Organizations, and Educational settings.

“For well over a decade now, I have been openly and wantonly borrowing from The Brand X Method®. There is no more complete, safe, scientifically sound, and effective youth physical development program on the planet. If you are looking for a cogent, thoughtful, systems based approach to develop and support life long health and safe movement in young people, Brand X is the Gold Standard.”

– Dr. Kelly Starrett, Physical Therapist. 2x NYT Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of The Ready State

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