What are the Brand X® "Plug and Play" Options? Relax. We provide everything you need to be successful and reap the benefits of running a sustainable, thriving youth program. All the things you need are here together in one place, with a solid team behind you.

The Brand X® “Plug and Play” Option 1 is only $249 (US) per month with a 15 month minimum commitment. 

  • Mentoring with Brand X® Staff to set YOUR Youth Business up to thrive

  • Brand X® Professional Youth Coach Certification (NASM and ASCA CEU’s)

  • Monthly progressive and proven programming for kids and teens to save YOU time

  • 30% Grow YOUR team discounts

  • Handouts for communication with parents and sports coaches

  • Monthly webinars with staff (and sometimes special guests!)

  • Easy access to key staff for calls

  • Bundles for Gyms, Organizations, and Educational settings.

Brand X® “Plug and Play” Option 1

Education•Mentoring•Programming. All in one place!

We save you time, we make it easier to succeed and we save you money! What to Expect When You Sign up for the Brand X® “Plug and Play”

You can expect a team of experts, who have interacted with thousands of coaches and hundreds of gyms to help you grow and sustain your youth program.

  • Upon sign up- you will get an email within 24 hours asking the name and email of the designated person to go through the Professional Youth Coach Certification. Once you respond that person will be registered to begin the training right away. The Courses are designed to be take at your own pace.

  • In our first email to you upon sign up will also be a link to schedule your first mentoring call, (setting up the youth specific business) further calls will be prompted to be scheduled thereafter, as you move forward through the mentoring process.

  • Programming in two separate tracks, for kids 5-11 and teens 12-17 is delivered monthly and will begin to be delivered once the PYCC course has been completed, and we have spoken to determine where your programming should start as it is customized for the appropriate staring point  (new or existing programs)

  • Included in the first email will be your unique code to Grow Your Team of PYCC trained coaches with a $300 discount. ($695 US)

But Wait, I’ve Got More Coaches to Train!

Then The Brand X® “Plug and Play” Option 2 is for you! It includes everything in Option 1 as well as FOUR slots in the Professional Youth Coach Certification! The Brand X® “Plug and Play” Option 2 is only $349 (US) per month with a 15 month minimum commitment.

Brand X® “Plug and Play” Option 2

Same great Education•Mentoring•Programming but MORE Coaches! Only $349 per month with a 15 month commitment

“For well over a decade now, I have been openly and wantonly borrowing from The Brand X Method®. There is no more complete, safe, scientifically sound, and effective youth physical development program on the planet. If you are looking for a cogent, thoughtful, systems based approach to develop and support life long health and safe movement in young people, Brand X is the Gold Standard.”

– Dr. Kelly Starrett, Physical Therapist. 2x NYT Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of The Ready State

Still have questions? Set up a phone call!

We have a “Plug and Play” Bundle for you, and we are always happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.