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The Brand X® Professional Youth Coach Certification prepares you to offer the best Youth Program in your area.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Professional Youth Coach Certification

    2. How to Go Through This Course

    1. Foundational information underpinning the philosophy, principles, and methodology of The Brand X Method. The WHY of Brand X®.

    2. History, present, and future of TBXM

    3. History

    4. Mikki-Children Issues

    5. Motivation to Move for Life

    6. Motivation to Move for Life

    7. Fitness Sport Specialization General Physical Preparedness

    8. Sport Specialization

    9. Optimal Youth Athletic Development

    10. Optimal Youth Athletic Development

    11. Explore • Express • Excel Optimal Youth Athletic Development

    12. Building Formidable Humans

    13. Building Formidable Humans

    14. Physical Literacy

    15. Brand X Language - More Than Words 2022

    16. Brand X® History and Philosphy Module Test

    1. Diving into Brand X® theory and practice and how they meet.

    2. The Science behind Youth Fitness

    3. Why Strength - The Science Behind Youth Fitness

    4. The Biopsychosocial Model for Youth Movement

    5. Anatomy and Physiology for Growing Youth

    6. Anatomy and Physiology

    7. Cardio-Respiratory System and Youth

    8. Addressing Grow Spurts

    9. Motor Learning

    10. Movement gaps - Motor Development Trends and Motor Learning

    11. Movement Gaps Infographic

    12. Prepare • Practice • Play - Learning to Move

    13. Learning to Move

    14. Contraction Continuum

    15. Energy Continuum

    16. Physical assessment to physical training

    17. Play Is More Than Fun

    18. Play infographic

    19. Defining Movement Play

    20. Play to Sport Continuum

    21. Play in the Excel Class

    22. Movement and Energy • Module 2 Test

    1. Understanding The Brand X Method® beyond movement and programming.

    2. Brand X Language - More Than Words 2022

    3. Brand X Communication

    4. Communication

    5. Learning Styles

    6. Explore Class Framework

    7. Express Class Framework

    8. Class Framework Get Ready

    9. Excel Class Framework

    10. Professional Youth Coaching

    11. Building Trust

    12. Mechanics Consistency Intensity - Building Trust

    13. Safety

    14. Dealing with Predation

    15. Brand X Code of Conduct

    16. Environment - Module 3 Test

    1. Nutrition, sleep, recovery, and psychosocial resources for sustaining youth.

    2. Sleep and Rest

    3. Fueling to Thrive

    4. Fueling To Thrive

    5. Resilience and Grit

    6. Resilience

    7. Nourish • Module 4 Test

    1. Building a successful business and youth fitness program.

    2. Business of Brand X • Passion and Policy

    3. Developing Into A Formidable Business

    4. Turning your passion into a successful business

    5. Developing your perfect target market

    6. Building a successful kid program while also working with adults

    7. Coaching kids while managing their parents

    8. You dont have a business without outstanding service

    9. Creating your client service blueprint

    10. Building SOPs to deliver the perfect client experience

    11. Duplicating yourself through SOPs

    12. Making sure you hire the right people when you need them

    13. Business of Brand X • Building Your Venture

    14. Pricing your service

    15. How to bring more clients in

    16. Everything begins with your brand

    17. Sending a message to your target market

    18. Recognizing that your clients have a buying cycle

    19. Advertising to bring awareness

    20. Marketing to take awareness to interest

    21. Delighting your customers so that they refer others

    22. Business of Brand X • Nuts and Bolts

    23. Legal thoughts

    24. Financials and Metrics

    25. It all comes down to cash

    26. Tracking & Strategizing Your Success

    27. Jim-Understanding your financial statements

    28. Selling your way to success

    29. The Businees of Youth Training - Module 5 Test

About this course

  • $995.00
  • 100 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

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  • How long does the Brand X® PYCC Certification take? May I take it at my own pace?

    The PYCC takes most people about 30 hours of study to finish the first portion, plus implementation in the Youth Coach Pro to obtain a certificate. The ongoing content contained in the Youth Coach Pro contains mountains of growing resources that can be reviewed at your own pace thereafter. The Certification course is self paced, and your access to the PYCC is available for at least 12 months.

  • How long is the Brand X® Professional Youth Coach Certification good for?

    The PYCC Certification is good for three years. Certification may be extended beyond three years through maintaining a subscription to the Youth Coach Pro, an ongoing and always growing Youth Coaches Resource.

  • May I obtain insurance to run a youth program if I am a Brand X® Certified Professional Youth Coach?


  • May I obtain CEUs from outside organizations for your course?

    Yes. The PYCC offers CEUs through NASM,  AFAA, and the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

  • Is there a test?

    Yes, there are short tests after each section of the course.

  • Do you have locations? Brand X Gyms?

    Yes. Brand X® has gym locations. Brand X Training Centers are located all over the U.S., and locations include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway and Sweden.

  • How do I learn more about Training Centers?

    Contact [email protected] -or- Book A Call below.

  • What if I have other questions?

    Contact us [email protected] -or- Book a Call below.