What is in the Youth Trainer Toolkit?

  • An overview with a fresh perspective for training youth in the bio-psycho-social model, leading to Optimal Youth Athletic Development as well as a stronger more successful program for you and your community.

  • A solid introduction to the Brand X® Method tier system, the coaches road map to producing stronger, faster and more durable young athletes.

  • A demonstration of how Professional Youth Coaches use the Tier system to teach the deadlift.

  • How to build a successful and sustainable Youth Training Business: An intro to the business module in the Professional Youth Coach Certification.


  • Who is the Youth Trainer Toolkit intended for?

    The Youth Trainer Toolkit is designed for Youth Coaches, who are interested in learning more about the Brand X® Professional Youth Coach Certification. The YTT provides a brief overview of how The Brand X Method® is implemented, using the hinge pattern as a starting point. Most people Book a Call (below) to get started on the Professional Youth Coach Certification (PYCC) after checking out the Youth Trainer ToolKit.

  • How does it differ from the Essentials mini course?

     While the Youth Trainer Toolkit provides an overview of what you will find in the PYCC the Essentials Mini Course goes a little deeper into Brand X® philosophy of the bio-psycho-social model of training youth.

  • What are the next steps after the Youth Trainer ToolKit?

    More education to provide What is Best For Kids™ to your community. Training in a program specifically designed for Youth is crucial. Choose from the Brand X Essentials mini course to get a feel for the philosophy or go right to the Brand X ®Professional Youth Coaching Certification -or- Book a Call below.

  • What if I have other questions?

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