Educators Youth Coach Course and Youth Coach Pro

The Educators Youth Coach Course and the Youth Coach Pro are designed to thoroughly prepare educators to confidently run a Physical. Education program that expands kids physical literacy and enriches their lives through movement. Starting with the Educators Youth Coach Course, you will learn the why and the science behind training youth using the bio-psycho-social model. The EYCC also includes a module on application in the educational environment, which includes lessons on Aligning with State and National Standards, Fitness Games for Large Groups, Fitness Games for Small Pods and other topics to help you create a successful program. The Youth Coach Pro (YCP) is designed to help you successfully implement the Brand X® Method in your gym class. The YCP contains over 200 videos focusing on the six primal movement patterns and physical literacy skills. Additionally, it contains infographics to help you explain to parents, coaches and administrators why and how your program is differs from others. It also contains a new forum where you can connect with other passionate Youth Coaches.

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